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Dr.'s Sanjay Trikha and Tammy Swaby
Research, Educate, Dominate
Located on the famous Harley Street in the centre of London is one of the capital’s finest aesthetic clinics. In
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health tech
Best Home Tech to Have During the COVID-19 Pandemic
With so many challenges and difficulties Americans face during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to learn all the essential
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HealthSoul – Offering an Integrated Platform for Patients
Booking appointments with medical practitioners has been transformed in the 21st Century, with online booking allowing a new freedom of
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Is pharma ready to respond to the climate crisis
Is pharma ready to respond to the climate crisis?
Climate change is perhaps the most complex issue facing modern society, affecting every aspect of human life including our health.
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Breaking Away From Tradition
Breaking away from tradition is the aim of the game for Curemark, with the company’s novel therapies intended to make
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drug development
The Role Of Data In Drug Discovery
We spoke to IDBS Biologics Development Solution Owner, Unjulie Bhanot to discuss the pivotal role of data in drug discovery,
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coronavirus testing
Swiss Medical Device Company Seeks Research Partners, Funding to Study the Potential Utility of the Device to Diagnose and Monitor
Ava AG, the Swiss medical device company, is calling for research collaboration or funding to study the potential utility of
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cancer test
How Flow Cytometry Assists in The Detection of Cancer
We've come a long way in the detection and treatment of cancer, with advances like the Pap Smear and mammograms
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health and fintech
Can Fintech Teach The Healthcare Industry Anything New?
The healthcare industry as a whole has not yet developed a way of turning its ageing IT core into fast,
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Blood Pressure
Successful Blood Pressure Diagnosis App Launched By Man Who Used Method To Cure His Own Condition
A patient whose doctor was unable to identify the cause of his high blood pressure has launched a 5-star rated
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blood tests
The Future of Diagnosis – Are Blood Tests Soon to be a Thing of The Past?
Collapsed veins and long waiting times to receive blood test results has led to the question of their efficiency. In
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First NHS patient receives Chiesi’s advanced-therapy-medicinal product, Holoclar for moderate-to-severe limbal stem cell deficiency
Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust first to provide breakthrough treatment for rare eye condition that can result in
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