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Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the programming of machines to simulate the complex thinking that, until recently, only humans had
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Claudio D’Angelo, former co-founder and co-managing partner of Ryse Asset Management, today announces the launch of his latest venture –
Digital transformation
The last few years have changed the landscape of how digital transformation affected all industries, including healthcare. Technology is now
The advancement of technology had made everything easier and smoother, and everything is now in a matter of a click
Here we'll explore five ways that technology is revolutionising the UK healthcare sector - in ways you might not expect!
Patient Engagement
Patients and health care providers today are awash in data. Some of it, like many readings recorded by a piece
Healthcare technology investment soared 47% last year, to a new high of $51bn in 2020. Venture capital (VC) fundraising was
Medical Innovation
Medicine and healthcare are industries that are always subject to the ever-moving world of innovation. Being constantly subject to innovation
Brain Injury
It feels like barely a week goes by without a head injury in sport. And, with many of us experiencing
Covid Uberisation
As we look back on the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, various problems stand out, including the challenges of coronavirus
healthcare software
Software is an essential tool across businesses and industries. It’s a cost-effective platform that allows companies to streamline their processes
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Innovation should always be focused on making people’s lives better, and easier in many cases. The world of medicine and