Natural Cancer Therapies

Although natural and alternative cancer therapies won’t necessarily cure you, they can often provide some much-needed relief from the symptoms and pain associated with the disease. Therefore, many people who have been diagnosed with cancer will choose to seek out alternative therapies to work in conjunction with the treatments their doctor is prescribing. If you decide to go down this path, make sure you speak to your healthcare provider to ensure that the natural treatments you are considering won’t affect the other treatments you need to have. Here are some alternative therapies that might help you.


It may sound strange to think that aromatherapy – using essential oils to produce a calming effect – can have any impact on cancer symptoms, but it really does seem to work. In fact, many people find it can alleviate symptoms quickly and efficiently.

The oil is applied to the skin (there are professionals who can ensure this is done in the right way) and this might be in the form of a massage, for example. Or the oils can be used in special burners that release the fragrance into the air.


Studies suggest that high body temperatures can reduce the impact of cancer. With more research, it might even be determined that this can reduce tumors or stop them from spreading. A course of whole body hyperthermia, which will raise the body’s temperature to around 108oF, is something that many people look at to alleviate cancer symptoms.

Of course, this must be carried out by a professional, and it is wise to seek a consultation at a clinic to ensure you know exactly what to expect.


Exercise is good for us in many ways, from weight loss to fitness to building strength. It can also be great for cancer sufferers. Depending on how unwell you may feel or what other treatments you are undergoing, it might be that you carry out gentle exercise, but even this can be of great help.

Exercise will make you feel more awake and alert, and it can relieve stress symptoms, which are often caused by a cancer diagnosis. Studies show that cancer sufferers who exercise more often have a longer life, but also have a better quality of life too. Start slowly and build up to what feels comfortable for you and never overdo things or you will make yourself more unwell. 

Music Therapy

Music therapy sessions involve listening to music, playing instruments, singing, or even writing songs (at least the lyrics if you are not able to write music). You will have a trained music therapist at the helm leading you through the class and helping you when you need it. The therapist will know just which activities to incorporate to help you the most, whether you are in a group setting or working alone.

Music therapy can be an ideal natural cancer treatment since it will have no effect on any other treatment you might be receiving. It requires no musical talent as there are no exams or even any assumptions about what people can do. It is meant to be a relaxing, fun time where you can think of something other than the cancer you have been diagnosed with.

GHP News does not endorse or encourage the use of natural therapies for cancer treatment.

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