Everyone wants healthy and vibrant hair. So, many people use different hair care products to improve their hair’s condition. However, using different products and having poor health habits
can harm it. Various hair care products contain harmful chemicals that can affect how your hair looks. Instead of making it look beautifully vibrant, such products can do otherwise.

Before your hair is completely damaged, it’ll display silent signs that speak volumes about
underlying conditions that need to be cared for. This article will highlight the warning signs that
your hair needs attention.

1. Excessive Hair Shedding

While losing a small amount of hair while combing is normal, you must be careful if you lose a lot. Massive hair shedding may indicate scalp issues or underlying conditions.
Hair shedding may be caused by pregnancy, stress, or poor hair maintenance. In addition, other medical factors, such as surgery, medical prescriptions, and medical conditions, may result in hair shedding, which may require seeing a doctor. If your hair is shedding, pay close attention to your physical health.

However, it’s to be noted that hair shedding is different from hair loss. Hair shedding stops on its own after some time, while hair loss is the heavy loss of hair that may result in baldness.
Additionally, understanding receding hairlines and hair loss may help you understand which treatments to use to restore your hair’s health to optimum levels.

2. Too Many Split Ends

Your hair needs special attention if you’re noticing too many split ends. While home remedies
are among the solutions to split ends, there are other alternatives to solving this issue. For
example, Velaterapia, or candle cutting, can fix your split ends.

Velaterapia is a professional hair treatment done by a professional hairstylist, as you can burn
your hair if you do it wrongly. The hairstylist twists your hair ends and passes them over a
candle flame for a few seconds. You can also fix split ends by deep conditioning your hair to
restore it to health and minimize hair breakage.


3. Dry And Brittle Hair

You can check your hair texture by simply rubbing it with your fingers. If your hair is dry and
brittle to the touch, it doesn’t retain enough moisture. Heat styling and hair dying are a few
factors that may dry your hair.

A solution to retaining your hair’s moisture is to use a gentle, moisturizing shampoo and
conditioner. Ensure that the shampoo and conditioner you’re using don’t get rid of natural oils
and that they are convenient for your hair type.

4. Dull Hair

Another warning sign to look out for is dull hair. Shininess is a sign of healthy hair after washing
and shampooing it. If not, some factors may cause it to be dull that you should look into.
A few factors that may cause dull hair include:
 Incorrect hair products
 Lack of nutrients in your diet
 Using harsh chemicals on your hair
Luckily, dull hair can easily be fixed, making it glossier, healthier, and more moisturized. You
can switch to more scalp-friendly products or home remedies such as coconut oil or avocado


5. Too Much Dandruff

Even though dandruff isn’t contagious, it’s a serious hair warning sign that should be addressed.

You should consult a doctor if you have dandruff and experience annoying itching that makes
your scalp red and swollen.

There are remedies for dandruff, like gently scrubbing your scalp twice a week with a delicate
shampoo to eliminate dead cells.

6. Graying Of The Hair

Premature graying of the hair is another warning sign you should look out for. Normal hair starts
graying by the age of 30. If you’re below that age, it’s time to give your hair the attention it

Factors that may cause premature graying include genetic factors, autoimmune diseases, and a
lack of specific nutrients such as iodine, zinc, iron, and vitamins B12, B, and E. Natural remedies
for graying hair include coconut oil, black sesame seeds, alma, and curry leaves. You should also
pay attention to your lifestyle by quitting smoking and eating a nutritious diet to meet your
vitamin requirements.


Hair problems can speak volumes about our physical health and well-being. By looking out for
the warning signs listed above, you can use alternative remedies to manage and fix them before
it’s too late. In most cases, you should add vitamin supplements to your diet or change your
lifestyle and hair products for better results.