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7 Common Rosacea Triggers, According To A Skin Specialist
Rosacea is a common skin condition in adults over the age of 30. It is still uncertain what causes rosacea,
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cold saw
Cold Sores: The Science Behind Masks Triggering Cold Sores And How To Prevent Them
Here, Qualified Heath Practitioner Tammy Richards at dispensary brand PureOptical runs us through some advice on how to avoid the
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Revealed: The Travel Hotspots That Could Be Damaging to Your Health
Nearly two in five (38%) of the 50 countries Brits visit most often for holidays , have levels of ultraviolet
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Everything You Need to Know About Pigmentation, According to An Aesthetic Specialist
When we age, it is inevitable that your skin is going to change, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. Whilst we
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aging skin
How to Care for Ageing Skin, According to a Skincare Specialist
Whilst the beauty market is infiltrated with wrinkle creams, eye serums and face masks, successful anti-ageing starts with simple but
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Dr Faheem Latheef
A Profile of Dr Faheem Latheef- The Best UK Consultant Dermatologist 2020
Dermatology has come a long way in helping people all over the world. The United Kingdom benefits hugely from the
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zoom call with dr
UK Cosmetic Surgeons See Massive Rise in Demand for Online Consultations but Urge Caution
While being able to communicate with patients and carry out consultations online has been a welcome addition to many surgeons’
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ppe bins
Pop Up PPE Bins Needed on UK High Streets
Shoppers across the UK have diligently been wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves and face masks when hitting
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How to Protect Your Sinuses Against Infection
The sinuses and your nasal passage are parts of your body you might not think about when considering physical health.
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Living with Lymphoma
Getting the news that you have cancer is one of the hardest things you will ever have to hear. Any
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The Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic (And What to Do About It)
Earlier this year US officials took measures to safeguard the physical wellbeing of American citizens against the coronavirus. They required
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healthy eating at work
Five Effective Wellness Strategies When Working from Home
As the world continues to try to get used to the new normal that has been born out of the
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