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period products
While periods are a reality that we cannot avoid, we could be managing the waste they are associated with in
If you are an eczema sufferer, you will know that with the colder weather comes with added complications for your
Red skin
Whether you’re recovering post-workout, suffering from rosacea or simply adjusting to the colder months, redness in your skin can be
National Braless Day
National Braless Day is here! As well as promoting breast cancer awareness, it is a day to discard restrictive and
world mental health day
Word Mental Health Day is on Thursday 10th October 2019 – each year it takes place to raise awareness of
Everton Lil Lets
Lil-Lets is proud to be an official sponsor of Everton Ladies Football Club for the 2019/20 season. The partnership is
Brain Performance is Taking a Quantum Leap: SOFOS Associates � the UK�s First Brain Optimisation Clinic Launches
Taking a science-based, multidisciplinary approach to how we perform, SOFOS Associates focuses on an individual's ultimate driver of performance and
Disability motoring throughout the years � what�s changed?
Around 20% of the population are registered disabled, with just under half of that figure wheelchair bound. Technological advances within
Stay Hearing Safe This Summer
It's festival season! Time to enjoy a summer of live music in the great outdoors. Hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon, provides
Six top tips for traveling with eczema
Summer is here and while most people are thrilled by the concept of jetting off overseas, travelling can cause havoc
Blue badge: What rights do I have?
Although you have a blue badge for your car, you might be completely unaware as to what it does, or
Go with your Gut: The secret key to optimum health
' On average GP's spend 10% of their working life treating patients with digestive disorders. ' Nutritionist and microbiome expert