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Future facing Boots stores launch new CBD-infused aromatherapy skincare range
The CBD-infused, organic aromatherapy range is cruelty free and vegetarian.
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over exfoliating
7 signs you are over-exfoliating your skin
Over-exfoliating is the one skincare mistake almost all of us make. While we scrub and peel our faces in an
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gen z
Generation Zero Confidence
New statistics reveal Gen Z are down in the dumps while Gen X are booming.
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Motorbility allowance
Do you know if you’re entitled to Motability allowance?
According to Muscular Dystrophy UK, 45% of all motability allowance case reassessments resulted in individuals losing their eligibility. However, you
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period products
The affect of periods on the environment…
While periods are a reality that we cannot avoid, we could be managing the waste they are associated with in
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How to prevent eczema flare ups: 5 tips for winter skin care
If you are an eczema sufferer, you will know that with the colder weather comes with added complications for your
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Red skin
How to instantly calm redness in your skin
Whether you’re recovering post-workout, suffering from rosacea or simply adjusting to the colder months, redness in your skin can be
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National Braless Day
National Braless Day is almost here! Whilst raising breast cancer awareness here are 7 surprising benefits of going braless
National Braless Day is here! As well as promoting breast cancer awareness, it is a day to discard restrictive and
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world mental health day
World Mental Health Day 2019: 7 ways to brighten up someone’s day
Word Mental Health Day is on Thursday 10th October 2019 – each year it takes place to raise awareness of
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Everton Lil Lets
Lil-Lets and Everton Ladies Football Club team up to bring period awareness onto the pitch
Lil-Lets is proud to be an official sponsor of Everton Ladies Football Club for the 2019/20 season. The partnership is
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Brain Performance is Taking a Quantum Leap: SOFOS Associates � the UK�s First Brain Optimisation Clinic Launches
Brain Performance is Taking a Quantum Leap: SOFOS Associates ‘ the UK’s First Brain Optimisation Clinic Launches
Taking a science-based, multidisciplinary approach to how we perform, SOFOS Associates focuses on an individual's ultimate driver of performance and
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Disability motoring throughout the years � what�s changed?
Disability motoring throughout the years ‘ what’s changed?
Around 20% of the population are registered disabled, with just under half of that figure wheelchair bound. Technological advances within
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