GHP Q1 2021 Cover

Welcome to the 2021 Q1 edition of Global Health & Pharma Magazine, providing you with all the latest news and features from across the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape.

Whilst 2020 may have proven to be a very difficult year for many, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry was certainly pushed to its limits. Yet, just over twelve months on from the start of the pandemic and national lockdowns, there is sign of reprieve and hope that life can begin again. The rollout of vaccines in the fight against COVID-19 has proven to be a success, healthcare and pharmaceutical staff have given everything to help others, and the world is slowly but surely showing signs of returning to normal.

Speaking of returning to normal, many people will be yearning to get back to their hairdresser or barber and see to it that their hair is restored to its former glory. For those who have struggled with hair loss, be it genetic or simply pulling it out at the thought of an extended lockdown , the work of Juvida Clinics represents the same kind of hope for people who want their hair back. Juvida Clinics may not be able to bring back the last twelve months, but it can inspire youthfulness and life in its clients, helping them get ready for a return to life as normal with friends and family.

There is plenty more success stories such as this one to unpack within these pages, with each company featured delivering its own success through insightful knowledge and fantastic innovation in abundance. For now, we hope that you are staying safe and enjoy reading this latest issue of Global Health & Pharma.

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