A+ Sports Therapy

Best Sports Injury & Rehabilitation Clinic - Greater Manchester
Excellence Award in Pain Management - Greater Manchester
<p>A+ Sports Therapy specialise in pain management, injury prevention &#038; rehab. We cater to the needs of a wide variety of patients suffering from various musculoskeletal conditions, not just sport although we are extremely adept in the treatment of sports injuries. We endeavour to focus on each individual, thereby offering a specialist level of support appropriate to each person’s needs.</p> <p>Address &#8211; Rational House, Lower Ground Floor, 64 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BN</p> <p>Tel &#8211; 07900048788</p> <p> Website &#8211; https://www.aplussportstherapy.co.uk/</p> <p>Facebook &#8211; https://www.facebook.com/aplussportstherapy/</p> <p>Twitter – https://twitter.com/SportsTherapy1</p> <p>Instagram &#8211; https://www.instagram.com/aplussportstherapy/</p>