Advanced Pathways

Best CRPS Treatment Services 2020 - California
<p>Redefining the healing experience through Holistic Centered Treatment (HCT) &#8211;<br /> Advanced Pathways is providing CRPS and chronic pain patients a 360° individualized<br /> approach to help them regain their health. </p> <p>Advanced Pathways’ founder Dr. Traci Patterson created a program based upon her<br /> own experience with CRPS that addresses all aspects of chronic pain – physically,<br /> mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This has helped patients from around the world<br /> regain their lives. </p> <p>When traditional treatments have been exhausted, we offer the resources needed for<br /> patients to regain function and their lives. Our approach is unique, and our outcomes<br /> are outstanding. </p> <p>Contact Details: </p> <p>Company: Advanced Pathways<br /> Name: Dr. Traci Patterson<br /> Email:<br /> Phone: 1-714-717-6633<br /> Website:</p>