BodyICE Australia

Best Injury Recovery System 2020
<p>BodyICE is an Australian company founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Lydia Lassila. Lydia<br /> created BodyICE to help people recover from their injuries physically, mentally and<br /> emotionally and to help people reduce their pain naturally. </p> <p>Our BodyICE Recovery range is a no-fuss ice and compression system that comfortably<br /> secures around injured joints and body parts. The range couples a traditional screw-top ice<br /> bag with joint specific, high stretch neoprene compression straps. </p> <p>With an expanding range of products, BodyICE have cold and heat therapy solutions that are<br /> easy to use, effective, portable and reusable. </p> <p>Phone:+61 (3) 9015 9842<br /><br /><br /> Instagram:@body_ice<br /><br /> LinkedIn:</p>