Bold Health

Leading Innovators in Healthcare Services Digital Therapeutics - London
<p>Bold Health is a digital therapeutic provider that helps patients self-manage their chronic digestive conditions by using digital programmes that leverage behavioural medicine. The company has several products in its digestive suite pipeline aimed at various gastrointestinal conditions. Their first product, Zemedy, is a mobile app that delivers a self-management programme for irritable bowel syndrome.</p> <p>Zemedy is the first evidence-based CBT programme developed specifically for IBS in collaboration with world-leading academic and clinical institutions. By providing a personalised, fully-digital programme that can be accessed 24/7, the app aims to address the underserved sector for individuals with IBS.</p> <p>In fact, they are about to release a brand new version of the app: the new Zemedy offers a condensed, 6-week CBT program and a variety of tools and exercises to help users learn about their condition, their triggers and emotional health, as well as relieve the symptoms and alleviate IBS once and for all.</p>