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Most Outstanding Home Bleaching Products 2020 - Germany
<p>“In 2008, founder Kay Link discovered his first special toothpaste. He wanted to offer this product to a wider range of customers and decided to set up an onlineshop. The number of customers grew and with them, the product portfolio. The idea of revolutionizing dental care developed in his mind, the vision of smilestore was born.</p> <p>Whoever enters smilestore, whether via our online-shop or our dental cosmetics-studio, will be taken on a journey through the world of smiles. From the Dutch PrevDent Repair-toothpaste to the unusual Russian brand SPLAT, from the English WhiteWash to the ultrasonic-toothbrush Megasonex developed in America.”</p> <p>The links we would like to provide is:</p> <p></p> <p>Zahnaufhellung im smilestore 2021</p> <p></p>