Dyna Tabs

Innovation Award in Wellness & Skincare Aging Management 2020
Industry award winning, trademarked American company: DYNATABS®, LLC. specializes in“super impact” convenience, efficacious, wellness maintenance management products, expertly custom formulated by our herbalists and alchemists through the right combination of potent natural nutrients ingredients, and good clean hydration management for global distribution: DYNATABS® LLC. oral edible supplements strips target a large product demand niche of the 40% of the population of all ages worldwide who cannot swallow pills. DYNADOO® Convenient Nourishing Hair Gel Styling Strips – A unique styling pocket pack product for strong hair styling control while adding incredible texture and control for good grooming on the go. SERENITY HOME SPA® and VANITY® Pre-moistened Skincare Repairing Conduction Masks utilizing our cutting edge technology delivering botanically derived actives, combining natural minerals in a liquid hydrating foundation to regenerate maturing superficial facial wrinkles and blemished skin; Solutions specific products include Aloe Vera, Marine Collagen, Wrinkle, Acne, Aging, Whitening management inclusive of Breast, Buttocks, Eyes area, Face, Feet, Forehead, Hands, Hips, Knees, Lips, Neck, Nipples, Nose, Shins. Aloe Vera Drinking Gel® anti-oxidant and potent nutraceutical detox. Designer Series® variety of space saving wall mounted soap dispensers; Automatic air fragrance dispensers. Fitness Wellness® exercise portable products.