MedicPad BV

Healthcare Innovation Award in Patient Management Software Engineering
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<p>Mihai Draghici, MedicPad CEO &#8211; We are the “software nurses” for medical doctors! &#8211;</p> <p>Through our automated checkpoint systems, we work closely with medical teams to align patient intake strategy and efficiency in order to deploy advanced and customized applications and patient management systems that not only solve problems, but also add value to clinical organizations. MedicPad software solutions include features such as: tailor-made workflows, management dashboards, thermal temperature checks, survey &#038; questionnaire forms, voice &#038; face recognition, contactless interactions, +/- 5⁰C accuracy, fully customizable platform. Our cloud platform is highly recommended for data insights &#038; reporting and easily used for any OS such as iOS, Android, Windows. MedicPad is the tool clinics, hospitals, homecare, schools, nurseries, etc. should use in the first line for the efficient triage of COVID-19 patients.</p>