Most Established Online Pharmacy - Netherlands
<p>MijnApotheek.nl exists as an internet pharmacy since 1999, making it one of the oldest and<br /> most reliable internet pharmacies in the Netherlands. </p> <p>Responsible pharmaceutical care is our top priority. MijnApotheek.nl makes every effort to<br /> provide information that is as reliable and unbiased as possible. The site is completely<br /> independent. </p> <p>Recipes can be offered online. When presenting the prescription, a number of medical<br /> questions are also asked on the online form. These questions are necessary so that<br /> medication monitoring can be carried out in a responsible manner. </p> <p>MijnApotheek.nl also offers online pharmaceutical products compounded by our pharmacy<br /> itself. </p> <p>www.mijnapotheek.nl<br /> info@mijnapotheek.nl</p>