Mindful Pilates

Best Pilates Studio - Hong Kong
'In a small class setting with less than 10 people each class, every attendee will receive attention and personal guidance to improve their current level of posture, strength, and balance. (We have set an attendance limit of 10 people per class to ensure that every student gets plenty of hands-on attention from our Instructor.) Each week, new exercises will be introduced to build on the previous week. Sometimes, small equipment such as bands and small gym balls would be introduced to facilitate students' learning. Attendees will also be given guidance on exercises that can be practiced at home. We believe that a balanced mind and precision in movement is highly important when it comes to establishing a change in the body. So, leave your learning in the right hands and begin your Pilates journey with us. Find us at https://www.mindfulpilates.com.hk Hope to see you on the mat