Msupport International B.V.

Leading Providers of Disposable Headphones 2020
<p>MSupport developed an antimicrobial patient headphone called Sanibits. This headphone has been produced with an antibacterial additive in the plastic and foam parts.</p> <p>Any bacteria, funguses and some viruses present on the headphone will be killed and cannot be transferred to other patients or hospital staff.</p> <p>For more than 25 years MSupport have been internationally active in supplying ear-and headphones in markets where most products are used for short periods.</p> <p>We supply headphones and earphones branded &#8220;BITS&#8221; to hospitals where we continually trying to innovate and improve the patient experience.</p> <p> MSupport International BV</p> <p>P.O.Box 123</p> <p>6680 AC Bemmel</p> <p>The Netherlands</p> <p></p> <p></p>