Best Probiotic Production & Distribution Company - Australia
<p>Puremedic Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company that owns and manufactures the most highly respected Qiara probiotics brand. Qiara Pregnancy &#038; Breastfeeding was awarded the honour of Australia’s #1 Mum Vitamin/Supplement 2020 by real customers on the “Tell Me Baby” review site</p> <p>Qiara was the world’s first breast milk isolated probiotic for pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant health was launched in Australia in 2012. Qiara probiotics are the most researched probiotic on the market for pre/post natal mothers, now with a product range for every life stage. www.qiara.com.au For enquiries info@puremedic.com. Instagram @QiaraProbiotics Facebook QiaraProbiotics</p>