Single Use Support GmbH

Best Biopharma Logistics Specialists 2020
Most Pioneering Product in Storage & Shipping Solutions: RoSS®
Single Use Support closes the gap between downstream and fill & finish in the biopharma industry. "On the basis of single use bags, we offer biopharma companies access to a 100% secure logistics process for liquids", as Co-Founders Johannes Kirchmair and Thomas Wurm state. By using the Single Use Support technology, high-quality substance can be shipped internationally in a faster and absolutely secure manner, and at a lower loading volume. Single Use Support calls this new process BULK.STREAM®. Single Use Support is based in Kufstein, Austria. At the headquarters, new products are developed in cooperation with international pharmaceutical companies. YEAR FOUNDED: 2015 LEADERSHIP: Co-Founder and Managing Director: Johannes Kirchmair Co-Founder and Managing Director: Thomas Wurm