Best Home Exercise Pool Supplier - Europe
SwimFitPool are the sole European distributors for the iPool. With a patented resistance swimming system this unique small footprint pool needs less than 9ft x 12ft. The SwimFitPool package includes European electrical components with Intex Filter Pump, Krystal Clear Saltwater system and 6Kw heater as standard. We offer 2 different depth pools: The iPool Swim has a 3ft water depth ideal for swimming and costs £4,250 & the iPool Fit has a water depth of approx 4ft which is ideal for swimming, AquaYoga, fitness & rehab and costs £4,750 including UK delivery. Pool installation is very straightforward and takes 1 - 2 hours. Everything is plug & play, however an electrician is required to wire the pool heater to your fuse board for international safety regulations; the Elecro 6kw heater is British made specifically for small salt water swimming pools. www.SwimFitPool.co.uk