Best Assistive Exercise Equipment Manufacturer 2019
Unlike traditional exercise equipment including stationary bikes that must be powered entirely by the user, a THERACYCLE works with your body to help users exercise for longer periods and maintain a speed proven to reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s, MS and other neurological conditions. As a low-impact exercise, the THERACYCLE and its revolutionary smart-motor, equipped with 15 adjustable speed options, can help people with all stages of PD and other neurological disorders improve their strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance, and concentration from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Since 1932, and we provided best in quality product to help those living with limited mobility and neurological challenges. A THERACYCLE can help you alleviate your symptoms and rediscover what it means to live a self-empowered life. Website: Introductory Video: Forced Exercise Research: Forced Exercise Research: