Trouble Sleeping

Sleeping Disorder Expert of the Year 2019 - South East England
Dr Lindsay Browning is a Chartered Psychologist and sleep expert who founded Trouble Sleeping in 2006. Trouble Sleeping is based in Berkshire and offers tailored 1-to-1 help for individuals of all ages who struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or wake unrefreshed. In addition she provides services to charities, the public sector and private companies, advising and educating on a range of topics including shift work and employee wellbeing and delivering a range of sleep talks and workshops. “Nothing makes me happier than helping someone from a place of desperation about their sleep to a place of peace!” My email is Website: Phone number: 0118 901 0544 Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @DrBrowningSleep Dr Lindsay Browning BSc MSc (Oxon) CPsychol AFBPsS