National Braless Day is almost here! Whilst raising breast cancer awareness here are 7 surprising benefits of going braless

National Braless Day

National Braless Day is here! As well as promoting breast cancer awareness, it is a day to discard restrictive and uncomfortable undergarments. But why not make every day of the year no bra day? The experts at Nude Life are debunking the myth that wearing bras are ‘better’ for your breast health and have listed 7 surprising benefits of going braless.


Your blood circulation could improve

It is no surprise that wearing a bra can be constricting. However, wearing tight, restrictive clothing can hinder your body’s circulation by compressing major blood vessels. This can stop blood flowing readily around the chest and hinder the growth of the muscle tissue around your breasts. If your bra leaves red marks or scratches on your skin, try loosening your bra or going bra free to ensure better cardiovascular wellness.


You will be able to sleep better

Do you sleep with your bra on? Well, this could cause difficulty sleeping and discomfort. Not only will you be able to breathe better, as a tight bra can constrict your breathing over time, but less skin pressure will equate to a less disrupted circadian rhythm


You can save money on bras

Let’s face it, bras are expensive. Whilst you can buy cheaper bras, often the material is not as soft, elastic or well-stitched as more expensive options. With so many different bra styles and shapes, finding the perfect fitting bra for your breasts can be pricey. Women spend approximately $30-$100 (£25-80) on bras and it is recommended that they are replaced every 6-12 months which can become a massive, reoccurring expense. Save yourself some extra money and go braless!


Your boob sweat will just evaporate

Boob sweat is a thing and yes, we all experience it. However, a surprising benefit of going braless is that the sweat will just evaporate rather than cling onto your skin. Trapped sweat can cause breakouts, rashes and infection so by letting your breasts breathe, you are reducing the risk of sweat build-up underneath your bra.


Your comfort levels will increase

Did we mention that going braless is exceptionally comfy? Women with smaller breasts will find that they are able to move more freely without a bra. Whilst those with bigger breasts might enjoy the additional support from a bra, going braless in your downtime can be liberating and freeing as you allow your muscles to relax.


You will promote better health for your breasts

Constantly wearing a bra has been shown to reduce the rate of healthy breast tissue developing. Not only this, but a tight or unfitting bra can cause back, ribcage and neck pain, as well as a shortness of breath. Whilst spending money and finding an appropriately fitting bra is a good solution, going braless is cheaper, easier and has the same benefits.


You can experiment with your fashion

Going braless isn’t just beneficial for your health, but it’s a great fashion trend too that liberates women and allows them to wear fashion items they were previously too scared to wear. By encouraging this body positivity, women are now able to wear backless dresses and cropped tops without fear of being judged on their natural bodies and sexuality. This movement has gained so much traction that it is now part of a larger mission to reclaim women’s bodies in The Free the Nipple campaign.

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