Nurses play an integral role in the healthcare system, ensuring positive patient outcomes. Online accelerated BSN programs equip aspiring nurses with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to become registered nurses. Among other benefits, accelerated studies prepare students to join a nursing career in less than 20 months.

1. Apply Your Skills and Experience

It’s easy to think that you need a strong background in a STEM field to become a nurse. On the contrary, studies show that at least 65% of second-career nurses come from diverse backgrounds, including social sciences, business, and public administration.

Most second-career nurses decide to venture into a different field due to experiences, abilities, skills from previous jobs, and the personal drive to serve patients. Most people who switch careers have developed soft skills like communication, time management, and job prioritization. Regardless of your background, you can create a successful career in nursing.

2. Quick Entry into the Job Market

When you decide to become a nursing practitioner, you may want to enter the job market quickly. An online accelerated BSN program equips students with academic education and skills in less than 24 months. Ideally, students spend half the time they would take to complete a conventional nursing degree program. Once you complete the program, you’ll be ready to take the nursing board exam necessary to become a licensed nurse.

The accelerated program focuses on relevant nursing education since most students meet all the requirements during their first bachelor’s degree. Most online accelerated BSN programs require up to 60 credit hours and about 700 practical hours.

3. Convenient and Custom Learning Models

Unlike conventional learning models, where you have to attend lectures during specific times, an online curriculum allows students to plan their studies around their lifestyles. This means you can balance work or family commitments with your studies.

The coursework is deployed through virtual sessions, and you can complete your assignments or review tests when it’s most convenient for your schedule. While you still need to meet deadlines and fulfill coursework expectations, you get the liberty to study when you are most productive.

Most schools offering accelerated BSN programs use a learning management system with versatile learning content adaptable to various learning styles. This means you can review different curriculum sections to get a firm grasp of the concepts.

4. Continuous Support and Guidance

Students in online degree programs enjoy quick support from the faculty to ensure a seamless learning experience. You don’t need to schedule in-person appointments to connect with instructors and department heads. Most students find video conferencing, email, and online discussion forums more convenient when they have pressing issues.

Similarly, online learning can help you maintain close connections with students in your cohort. And since online discussion forums are always open, you’ll have someone to answer your questions regardless of your time zone. Most importantly, online platforms eliminate the anxiety associated with public speaking. This means students can reflect on the subject matter before asking or answering any question.

5. Fill the Growing Demand for Nurses

Nurses are vital to the healthcare Jobs and comprise the largest workforce in the healthcare industry. With a promising job outlook, anyone pursuing a nursing career can enjoy a good salary and job security.

Experts in the healthcare industry have expressed a severe shortage of nurses over the last decade. The industry leaders seek to increase the number of registered nurses with a Bachelor of Science in nursing to fill the widening skills gap. Similarly, healthcare institutions’ administrators struggle to maintain adequate nurse-to-patient ratios to ensure positive healthcare outcomes.

According to the BLS, the number of career opportunities for registered nurses will be about 194,500 annually until 2030. As the demand soars, there is an immediate need for nurses with sufficient academic qualifications to provide evidence-based care and skills. Accelerated BSN programs can help bridge the skills gap quickly.


Nurses are in high demand, and entering the career path can be rewarding due to the high growth rate. Regardless of your educational background, you can qualify for an online accelerated BSN program and enter the job market in less than two years.