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Even just a suspected harm to the brain is already a lot to be concerned about, especially if it results from bumps or blows from accidents like a traumatic brain injury. 

Studies show that millions experience traumatic brain injury (TBI). It’s often caused by falls, sports, car accidents and other mishaps. It’s also treated as a medical emergency that demands immediate attention. 

It’s best to know of all these symptoms, not only for awareness’s sake but because they might cost your or your loved one’s life. The symptoms listed here may not be all, but they’ll be enough for you to call a medical professional to help prevent more harm and worries.

TBI’s Worrying Symptoms

Nausea or Vomiting

Following a head injury from a car accident, the brain may swell, causing pressure in your head to build up. This increasing pressure can lead to nausea and vomiting, signaling potential damage to the brain or its proper functioning. 

That’s why, if you suspect something’s up, it’s wise to get professional medical advice to ensure proper assessment and care. It might not just be a simple nogging on the head.

But if these symptoms happened due to a car accident, you’d better call your attorney for prompt legal advice. 

After a traumatic brain injury is medically declared, you or your loved one need all the financial assistance you can get for support. There’s every need to claim compensation as this might become a long-term illness that you or your family may have to endure for a long time.

Persistent Headaches

After a head injury from the accident, you or your family member may suffer persistent headaches, which can be an alarming symptom of TBI. Most often, it disturbs your most needed sleep, which can affect your mental well-being. These recurrent and disturbing headaches, from mild to severe throbbing, may indicate increased brain pressure or other neurological concerns.

It’s best not to brush off these discomforts and seek medical evaluation and help instead. 

Seeking medical evaluation as soon as possible is wiser so you can rule out serious conditions and ensure appropriate care. Your well-being matters, so if those post-injury headaches tend to rob you of peace of mind and are lingering, it’s best to consult your healthcare specialist for a thorough assessment and care.

Memory Problems

Unless it’s a staple for your job, you may not notice that you’re having memory problems, saying that it’s okay to forget things sometimes. But if such forgetfulness becomes an everyday occurrence, you might really have a problem. More worrisome if these forgetfulness episodes started right after your accident.

It’s a symptom that needs a medical professional’s attention because it can stop you from doing your daily activities. Professional medical care is necessary as soon as possible before your symptoms become worse and can no longer be managed or treated.

Balance and Coordination Problems

It could be very alarming when you or your beloved would start to lose command of their upper or lower limbs because of a bump in the head following a car accident. It’s more than