Your diet influences all aspects of your physical and mental health, so eating nutritious foods is crucial. Instead of relying on microwaved meals and processed snacks, you can revamp your daily diet by including six of the most powerful superfoods. Check out why they’re so great for your health and how you can add them to your routine.


1. Eggs

Many people think that you need a big budget to afford a healthy diet. Eggs prove that theory wrong. They’re at every grocery store and fit any budget, but people have given them a bad reputation over the years. Yolks contain cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease if eaten too often.

However, eggs are also a natural source of protein and vitamins. Researchers found that people who eat between six to 12 eggs per week didn’t raise their risk of developing diseases like diabetes or heart problems. Enjoy them with your breakfast or over a salad to supercharge your body.


2. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are vegetables like kale, spinach and Swiss chard. They have essential nutrients and high amounts of fiber. Eating a healthy serving of kale will give you 684% of your vitamin K daily value (DV), plus 206% of your daily vitamin A needs and 134% of your vitamin C DV. Use them as the base of your salads or sautee them into warm meals for a significant boost to your immune system, bone structure and more.


3. Avocados

Millennials made avocados a popular meme, but the trendy fruit became a grocery staple because it’s so nutritious. Whether you serve it on toast or as a snack, avocados reduce your cellular inflammation that causes issues like bloating or digestive problems. The natural fats soothe your body and can even help with weight loss, so it’s one of the most powerful superfoods you can add to your diet.


4. Legumes

Legumes are another affordable way to transform your daily meals. Add a bag of beans, lentils or peas to your grocery list and you’ll benefit from their many nutrients. They all contain a mega-sized serving of things like:

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Calcium


You’ll feel full longer and get more energy by adding a side of peas or a bowl of chili to your diet. Try different recipes to find new dishes you’ll fall in love with.


5. Kefir

Kefir is fermented milk, which means that it has cultured bacteria and yeasts that benefit your digestive system. You can find it in many drinks ready to go at your local grocery store or even gas stations. It will regulate your gut microbiota so you can digest food and have regular bowel movements. When your stomach can handle food easily, your body deals with less inflammation caused by cellular stress.


6. Olive Oil

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most revered global diets because it eliminates processed foods and sugar. It also embraces the daily use of olive oil. This type of oil uses monounsaturated fatty acids to create antioxidant properties and decrease inflammation that could lead to health conditions. It’s perfect for frying food on the stove or drizzled over salads.


Eat More Powerful Superfoods

Now that you’ve read about six of the most powerful superfoods, see how you can add them to your diet. You’ll find new ways to enjoy more delicious meals and feel the benefits for yourself once the nutrients start improving your health.