For healthcare professionals, starting their own medical practice can be gratifying. However, running a business requires a strategic mindset to prevent costly blunders. If you plan to start a private medical clinic, here are eight mistakes you must avoid to ensure your business endeavour succeeds.

Not assessing your finances

Launching a private practice can cause financial challenges, so ensuring you’re in a healthy financial position is essential. Not considering your finances early on can only lead you to make poor financial decisions that can impact your business and personal life. Create a financial projection of your business costs for at least three years, including any unexpected expenses that may arise.

Not considering the competition

Another crucial mistake you must avoid is not checking the competition. You must study and research the competition level in your area to determine if your business is strong enough to stay relevant. Check the private medical practices in your neighbourhood and see if they offer the same services. For instance, if you’re opening a paediatric clinic, ensure your health center is far from other specialists. If there are other private practices with similar offerings within your vicinity, make sure you exert effort in marketing your business and provide your patients with quality care so they can become loyal patrons.

Focusing on short-term gains

If you want your private practice to grow, you must always look at the bigger picture rather than concentrating on the momentary gains. One biggest mistake of startup owners is refusing to invest more, thinking their businesses can thrive with minimal effort. Some also tend to procrastinate, assuming that shelling out more money is unwise and pointless. Invest in scalable solutions and digital systems that can make your private practice more efficient for you, your staff, and your clients.

Not treating your private practice as a startup

Another common mistake of medical practitioners is not giving importance to the business aspects. No matter how skilled you are as a specialist, your private practice will not flourish if you don’t treat it as a business. Aside from focusing on the healthcare side, make sure you establish efficient business systems and foundations during the initial phases. Adopting a business mindset can help you make smart choices and navigate your business in the right direction.

Not asking for professional help

The logistics of running a private medical practice differ greatly from other healthcare facilities. Even if you’ve been in the healthcare industry for several years, you still need to seek guidance from other professionals. Consult with experienced medical entrepreneurs and ask for their best business practices. Join conventions, conferences, and other business networking events to gain business knowledge and perspective. Take time to network with like-minded individuals with similar business goals.

Not hiring the right personnel

While you may be tempted to take on several tasks to cut costs, especially during the early stages, doing so will only cause unnecessary stress and problems. Exert effort into the hiring process and search for qualified professionals who share the same passion and vision. Choose highly trainable, flexible individuals who can work cohesively with others. Make sure they are capable of delivering high-quality patient care and medical services. Your staff can make or break your business, so hiring the right ones should be a priority.

Choosing unreliable suppliers

Aside from hiring the right staff, you must also invest in the right equipment and software for your medical practice. Find reputable suppliers who fit your budget and business needs. Some essential systems and systems to consider include electronic health record systems, customer relationship management software, patient portal software, medical billing services, credit card processors, practice management systems, and medical linen service.

Not marketing properly

Your private practice needs a steady client base to stay relevant, so creating an effective marketing plan is necessary. Utilize all marketing platforms to get your business seen by as many people as possible. Research the best marketing techniques of other medical facilities and adopt those suitable to your practice. Invest time and effort into creating a strong online presence and use social media to your advantage.

Starting a private medical practice can be highly rewarding. Avoid these common mistakes, and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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