A survey, commissioned by leading teledentistry giant SmileDirectClub, has revealed that reveals that Brits smile on average 31 times a day, which converts to a whopping 10,416 times a year. 


The research found that more than three quarters (87%) of Brits say that smiling has the power to instantly make them feel better. Perhaps this is why 85% of the nation say they would smile back at a stranger, no matter how out of the ordinary or awkward the situation.


And it’s official, nothing makes Brits happier than babies with a quarter of respondents listing them as the number one reason to smile. Pets come in equal second, alongside sunny weather (19%).


But although it seems Brits are doing a lot of smiling, the study shows that only one in four Brits feel confident about their smiles, with over half of respondents admitting they tackle this by smiling with their mouths closed.


However, with a smile, must come a frown;  according to the survey, looking at finances was highlighted as the number one thing to make somebody scowl (31%), closely followed by receiving the wrong takeaway (23%) and being told to smile more (23%). 


Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole’s (27%) smile was voted the nation’s favourite, followed by Julia Roberts (22%) and Michelle Keegan (21%). For male celebrities, it was a tie between John Boyega, Tom Cruise and Simon Cowell’s pearly whites for the best male smile.