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Founded in 2005, Linical is a global Contract Research Organisation (CRO) dedicated to providing a suite of drug development services from early-phase research to large-scale multinational studies. The organisation operates across all major markets including North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and has a proven track record of supporting biopharmaceutical companies through their clinical development journeys. With its strong business ethos and medical expertise, Linical strives to offer clients high-quality services to fulfil their shared mission of delivering new drugs and therapies to patients all over the world. Linical is a trusted partner of biotech and pharmaceutical companies and for its essential services, we have bestowed the company with a Global Excellence Award.

CROs provide an indispensable service to companies seeking support with their clinical development programs. Linical’s diverse clientele ranges from smaller biotech firms to global pharmaceutical companies. The role of a CRO is to carry out all or part of the work involved in the clinical trial process of pharmaceutical product development. Linical provides clients with industry resources and medical expertise to conduct every aspect of a clinical trial including advising on the trial’s protocol design, enrolling patients, monitoring the study data, and navigating the regulatory approval process. Linical’s global reach helps companies streamline their regulatory processes and acquire high-quality data.

The Linical team is dedicated to delivering operational excellence with key strategies designed to successfully overcome drug development and regulatory challenges. The organisation strives to provide professional services with a personal touch to remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Linical’s areas of focus include Phase I-IV studies in oncology, neurology, psychiatry, immunology, vaccines, endocrinology, and metabolic diseases. With its wide focus, Linical can provide clients with the reach and ideal team to meet their specific requirements. To support clients on their development journeys, the team fosters strong working relationships built on communication, integrity, and trust.

Launching a successful clinical trial requires proper planning, and Linical aims to deliver a tailored plan to tackle any unforeseen obstacles and optimise a trial’s design. Drawing from years of experience, its bespoke protocol development services are designed to produce valid results and promote clinical decision making based on reliable data. Linical’s strategic approach involves rigorous analysis of the epidemiology of the disease, the current standard of care, and the procedures used for data collection. With its holistic services, Linical provides clients with medical, operational, regulatory, scientific, and statistical insights to guide their clinical development journey.

Linical understands the importance of clinical trials and the impact that reliable results have on patients around the world. The award-winning organisation boasts an outstanding track record of exceeding its enrolment goals and maintaining a 85% client retention rate. It is Linical’s goal to expedite timelines and remain cost-effective to help clients achieve their  goals without sacrificing quality.

In the competitive trial landscape, Linical aims to add value to companies of all sizes across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Through its extensive partnerships and efficient study start-up processes, Linical strives to promptly get clinical trials up and running. The study start-up is a pivotal stage and establishing a strong foundation is crucial to a successful clinical trial. By working closely with clients to understand their objectives, the team
is able to develop innovative solutions to help achieve favourable outcomes, including expertly navigating the complexities of clinical trials and designing an accurate roadmap to assess viability and site selection.

Spanning nearly two decades as a full-service, global CRO, Linical has grown into a prominent organisation, comprised of approximately 900 employees. The company prides itself on being small enough to offer personal client attention while possessing the global bandwidth to be publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Linical boasts a strong repeat business rate and a low team turnover, which is essential for the continuity of clients’ projects. As well as supporting pioneering drug development in North America and Europe, Linical offers clients access to the Asian market with dedicated employees in Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. With its regional area expertise, the organisation helps clients develop promising therapies and stay compliant in the Asia-Pacific region.

At Linical, passion begins with its people, and its leaders aim to foster strong relationships with clients, stakeholders, and employees. Its international team is invested in working towards a shared goal of bringing promising therapies to the global market. All team members are passionate about the company’s mission and committed to meeting clients’ requirements in an accurate, cost-effective, and timely manner. Driven by its collective goal, the Linical team tailors its innovative solutions to advance clinical research and drug development, improving therapies for patients across the world.

Looking to the future, Linical will continue to incorporate new technologies into its services to improve the efficiency of clinical trials. The current integration of AI and machine learning allows the company to better predict trends and save time without compromising patient safety. Through collaboration with science and industry expertise, Linical hopes to see the development of more technologies at biopharmaceutical, CRO, and site levels. The organisation strives to stay abreast of industry developments and leverage new technologies to increase patient accessibility while reducing site and patient burden.

Linical is also committed to its social and sustainability responsibilities, promoting the wellbeing of patients and the environment. Valuing compliance and transparency, the company employs patient-centred decision making in the delivery of its quality services. Moving forward, Linical will continue to uphold its responsibility to future generations through its sustainable initiatives and ethical values.

As an award-winning global CRO partner, Linical guides biotech and pharmaceutical companies through every stage of their clinical development journey. The organisation recognises the importance of clinical trials in the development of innovative new therapies and aspires to continue refining its skills in order to undertake new business challenges. Its global reach helps clients streamline their regulatory process, enroll the right patients, and capture reliable data promptly and efficiently. At Linical, the team is dedicated to supporting clients on their mission to bring new lifesaving drugs and therapies to the global market. For its personalised support and tailored services, Linical has received our award for Best International CRO Service Provider 2023 – FL.

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