Eyebrow Treatments: Everything You Need to Know

Eyebrow treatment

From tinting and threading to microblading and lamination, the beauty market is bustling with an abundance of options when it comes to eyebrow treatments. The pursuit of thicker, fuller, and more natural brows is no easy feat – here’s our guide each service and who they’re ideally suited for.


1. Microblading

For a near-permanent solution to getting fuller, more natural eyebrows, microblading is one of the most popular services available on the beauty market. Microblading describes a type of eyebrow ‘architecture’, because this service can feel bespoke in how it creates the best eyebrow shape for each face.

Microblading is a detailed, safe process that works by inserting featherweight strokes on the top of your skin. A smallish pen, which only scratches the surface, traces natural-looking hair lashes. After a pain-free session, and no recovery time, microblading treatments are an alternative to makeup or other more intrusive services, which is why it’s an increasingly popular option for a natural look.


2. Threading (epilation)

For those keen to quickly, and within budget, tame unnatural lashes, consider threading for a precise, easy to maintain service. Threading is popular for several reasons: it’s a relatively easy, pain-free process that offers the same level of accuracy and precision in shaping your brows.

Precision, accuracy, and care – these all help to achieve the best eyebrow shape, including the arc. When it comes to threading, you can quickly get on top of eyebrow care using this natural option for hair removal. Using cotton thread, it’s twisted, pulled and combed through the eyebrow, lifting any unwanted hair. Beneficially, threading doesn’t use intrusive methods or chemicals, and so can be a great preference for those wanting a more natural solution.


3. Tinting

For darker, thicker, or bolder eyelashes, eyebrow tinting is a great alternative to makeup.

Eyebrow tinting is a process that describes when a semi-permanent dye is used to shape an eyebrow, either to enhance, refine or define your brows. Many use tinting to enhance the thickness of lashes or lend this kind of appearance to them. Specifically, this is best for those with a natural allergy to makeup, because tinting is an alternative to using mascara.


4. Lamination

Microblading, threading, and tinting can help fight against thin eyebrows, or those needing a touch up on shape or colour. For those wishful for an editorial look – a feathery effect – brow lamination treatment can restructure brow hairs to help define a shape through a gel-like solution. This is often cited as the best way to get that fully groomed brows.


Eyebrow solutions

When it comes to beauty and wellbeing solutions, guidance and advice is great starting point. Due diligence and research are always recommended, because eyebrow treatments seem personal and should reflect your preferences and style.

Once you’ve settled on your treatment of choice, consult with an expert to ensure the process is safe, painless, and bespoke to your fashion and style goals.

For those keen to discover and pickup new skills, remote brow lamination treatment comes in a neat package, including health, safety, and aftercare – from theory to practical, learn the nuance of brow lamination. A remote course can be flexible, organised, and adaptable to help you absorb new skills from the comfort of home – which means you can really take ownership over your brow treatment.

The article was produced in collaboration with Lash Perfect, an eyelash extension course specialists.

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