Healthy Gifts for Moms-to-Be in 2020

Baby Shower

There are many opportunities for gift-giving throughout pregnancy, from baby showers to name reveal parties. However, finding a pregnancy gift that your favorite mom-to-be will want can be difficult. If you are looking for functional and unique gifts that can help to increase the expectant mother’s health and comfort during this exciting time, read on for the best prenatal gifts on the market.

The Fetal Doppler

To keep both the expectant mother and her baby healthy and safe, you should consider gifting her a fetal doppler. Fetal dopplers allow pregnant women to check on their baby without having to visit the doctor’s surgery or a midwife, ensuring that the baby is flourishing between appointments. This can reduce the worries and stresses of motherhood by allowing them to monitor their baby’s heartbeats, which can put their mind at rest. Not only this, but this can help moms to connect with their baby before they are born through listening to their heartbeat at a much earlier stage than if they wait to attend their prenatal appointments.

Pregnancy Support Belts    

Pregnancy can leave new mothers feeling uncomfortable due to musculoskeletal issues, such as back and neck pain. Many pregnant women are uncertain about the health risks of foot and back massages to relieve this pain. Instead, pregnancy support belts make great gifts that can relieve tension from a woman’s spine. These belts can improve the posture of pregnant mothers and can offer support for their stomach, which reduces the pain that they are experiencing.

Maternity Pillows

Sleep is vital for both a mom-to-be and her baby’s health, as this can prevent premature birth and boost natural fetal development. However, sleep can be difficult during pregnancy due to spinal discomfort and hormonal changes. To help your loved one to get enough sleep until they reach full-term, you should consider gifting them a maternity pillow. These can help to improve the sleep patterns of new mothers by reducing back pain and creating a comfortable sleeping position for moms.

Pregnancy Hampers

Pregnant women will likely be away from home during their pregnancy. To ensure that they stay comfortable and healthy when they are out and about for appointments, for example, you should create a pregnancy hamper that has been customized towards their needs. Not only should this include quick and nutritious snacks and meals, but it could also contain moisturizers, bath products, and pregnancy pajamas that can help your expectant mom to relax and indulge wherever she is.

Prenatal Recipe Books

When you are an expectant mother, you need different nutrients than other people in order to feed the growing baby inside you. To stay healthy, moms-to-be will need to consume foods with high nutritional values, such as fruit and vegetables, fish and dairy products. To help your mom-to-be to cook simple yet exciting meals that can boost their health, you should gift them a prenatal cookery book containing recipes that have been specially curated for expectant mothers. You could even whip a few of her favorite recipes up yourself, to give her a break.

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