When a new year dawns, resolutions abound – and January becomes a month of gym visits, healthier shopping carts, and renewed hobbies. But when considering resolutions that can protect our wellbeing and boost our health, we rarely consider changes that we can make to our home.

In this article, you’ll discover four key changes you can make to the structure and integrity of your home in order to spend time in a safe and healthy environment – one that will boost your health and protect you from illness and maladies in 2020.


Plug Drafts

One of the key components of an unhealthy home is one through which air flows through holes, cracks and gaps. With January often being one of the coldest months of the year, and drafts drawing chilly air into the interior of your home, there’s a real sense in which you can become ill simply due to your inability to heat your home, or the chilly parts of your home that are unhealthy due to the cold. If you’re looking to make slight tweaks to your home this year, make plugging household drafts a priority in order to repel that cold air.


Remove Pests

Another of the unhealthiest elements to afflict any home are those unwelcome pests that can find a way in through gaps, holes, and even your groceries. Pests, of course, can range from small mites, fleas and bedbugs all the way through to full-sized rats, which can often find shelter in attic spaces. What you’ll need to do is find a pest extermination agency to fully rid your home of these disease-carrying pests. Then, find an attic cleaning company to make sure that the top of your home is no longer a sanctuary for unwanted pests that can move throughout the rest of your home with ease.


Natural Light

Happiness is not just about how we spend our time, it’s also about where we spend our time. Holing up in dark and dank places will naturally lead us to feel miserable, affecting both our mental and our physical health, whereas bathing ourselves in natural light can often have the opposite effect. As such, do what you can to maximize the natural light falling into your home – whether that entails making larger windows, or cutting down that tree that’s obscuring natural light from much of your home.


Dust and Detritus

The final tip is simply to clean thoroughly and regularly. Dust can gather in our homes remarkably quickly – and it’s this dust that can cause respiratory problems each and every day, leading us to cough and feel unwell over the long term. With cleaning and dusting a regular habit in your home, you’ll negate the risk of respiratory illnesses, and you’ll also be diligent in your clean-up of germs and spills that can attract pests back into your home. Remember, then: a clean home is a safe and healthy home for you and for your family.

These four tips will all prove to be savvy investments of your time, efforts, and cash – helping you lead a healthier home life in 2020 and beyond.