Every industry witnessed significant changes in its operations due to the pandemic. The healthcare sector is no exception. It became quite evident to the global industry that they require quality nursing and administration. Hence, the demand for nursing and caregivers took a leap.

Different governments invite expats to start their nursing careers in their respective countries. Not surprisingly, Italy is also among these nations.

According to statistics, Italy is among the best and highest-paying countries to commence your nursing journey. Their lifestyle, culture, and healthy working conditions further attract people for the job.

Not to mention, the latest amendments in the country’s citizenship laws are also an influential factor in welcoming expats. You may get in touch with these Italian Dual Citizenship experts to learn about guidelines and rules. They can also explain the benefits of availing of citizenship.

That said, if you are wondering whether or not to establish your nursing career in Italy, the answer is YES! Here’s how:

Avail Your Nursing Degree In Italy

It’s a no-brainer that you need to get a degree in nursing to start your career. Even if you already have a graduation certificate from your home country, you might have to study at an Italian university. It often depends on the requirements of the medical institution you wish to work with.

In case you don’t have a degree, you need to enrol yourself in a nursing program in Italy. There are various universities that provide courses; you need to select the one that suits you best.

On the completion of the course or training, you get eligible for the licensure exam.

Learn The Language

As Italy is not your home country, you have to be proficient in the Italian language. For this purpose, you’d have to give an examination conducted by the IPASVI, the National Federation of Professional Nursing Orders.

There are some hospitals that may not require your excellence in language speaking. However, as you’ll stay in the country, learning the language will be advantageous.

Qualify For The Nursing Board Exam

After completing the course, you must take the nursing board exam to get your practice license. It is noteworthy that the exam is in Italian and administered by the IPASVI colleges. Therefore, you must improve your language skills.

The exam includes two phases- Written and Practical. It allows the examiners to test your theoretical knowledge and clinical skills.

Tip: Try breathing techniques to tame your anxiety during the examination.

Register Yourself

Last but not least, before you start looking for a job, you need to register yourself with an IPASVI college that covers your area. The registration process is quite simple. It includes the following parameters:

You must be registered in your home country.

Provide proof of qualifications. Provide previous experience documentation (if any). That’s all! Once you are registered, you can apply for a job in any medical institution of your choice.

To Sum It All Up

The country is currently dealing with a shortage of nursing staff. This provides an opportunity to you to build your career and earn well. Just follow the tips given above to give your career a kickstart.