Medicine doctor touching electronic medical record on tablet

Swiss-based medical IoT specialist is the latest name to join Mia-Care’s thriving partner network.

Digital healthcare specialist, Mia-Care, has announced a new partnership with medical IoT innovator, Medisanté Group, to increase the adoption of medical IoT devices in virtual care.    

Dealing with multiple medical devices presents healthcare providers with many challenges, which can often be a barrier to their adoption. These include varied device standards, firmware complexity and disparate data, as well as security and privacy concerns. Mia-Care and Medisanté will address these challenges and streamline medical device management so that healthcare providers can rely on seamless IoT data collection from trusted devices to treat chronic and acute conditions.  

Swiss-based Medisanté provides health IT teams with a medical IoT cloud infrastructure that can connect multiple devices without the need for individual patient configuration. This specialist hub, named M+ Hub, will now be available via the Mia-Care ecosystem, a cloud-based digital healthcare platform that includes a rich marketplace of ready-to-use accelerators. These preconfigured accelerators have been designed to execute the most requested healthcare operations, such as booking appointments, doctor-patient communications and building custom forms for digital patient records.  

Combining Mia-Care’s Internal Development Platform with Medisanté’s IoT expertise will reduce the time needed to design, build and deploy new software applications to manage devices and accelerate digital healthcare transformation. Through the collaboration, near real-time monitoring, tracking and therapy observations will encompass more medical IoT devices for use at home via a modern healthcare platform.  

Marzio Ghezzi, CEO at Mia-Care, said: “Patients are increasingly getting used to connecting with their doctors remotely, so we need to provide healthcare organisations with the tools they need to fulfil the IT requirements of telemedicine. In this way, patients can benefit, in their homes, from the many excellent medical devices and applications that are coming to market to help combat our greatest healthcare challenges. We believe this collaboration will prove fundamental to the future direction of telemedicine, giving healthcare providers a single point of access to multiple devices and data sources in a safe and compliant way, and better quality of care for patients.”   
Gilles Lunzenfichter, CEO at Medisanté, said: “We are very proud of this partnership with Mia-Care. We are committed to helping clients experience the benefits of Medisanté Hub, the first medical IoT cloud infrastructure in virtual care. It will deliver medical IoT data as a service for a broad range of devices without compromising privacy, security or inclusions.”