Launched in Autumn of 2020, Reframe is the #1 alcohol reduction and elimination app on the market. Created through the combined efforts of Georgia Tech graduates Vedant Pradeep and Ziyi Gao, Reframe has forged a remarkable reputation in the health and wellness arena in just two short years. We spoke with Vedant to find out more about Reframe’s achievements and mission.

To date, Reframe has helped close to one million individuals in their pursuit of reducing or quitting alcoholic consumption. This impressive declaration is made even more impressive by the fact that this has been achieved in just two years. Utilising an effective combination of neuroscience, mindfulness, and progress tracking, Reframe’s users can – nine times out of ten – meet their drinking goals in just two months.

What’s left then, is the crucial question of – how? How has Reframe secured a success rate that fundamentally distinguishes it from any competing app in the sphere? Vedant began by offering an explanation. “Reframe is the first neuroscience-based alcohol reduction/elimination app. We consulted with 500 medical and mental health experts at Harvard, John Hopkins, and Emory. Integrating science and wellness techniques such as meditation, helps us appeal to a broader demographic and allows users to create lasting change.

“But, Reframe is also more than an alcohol-reducing or elimination app. Reframe is the partner individuals need to help make well-rounded decisions about drinking that benefit them physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Of course, one crucial benefit of endeavouring to reduce alcohol consumption through Reframe is that it is private, with no need to travel to recovery centers or attend AA sessions. It also adapts and improves continuously on the back of user feedback in ways that more traditional methods simply can’t. Vedant is all too aware of the unique ways that Reframe operates, and benefits of utilising an app over alternative options. “Reframe seeks to help those who don’t know where to start, don’t have much time or patience, are turned off by the stigmas of recovery centers, or have difficulty staying committed to their goals. We value our users. In part, thanks to feedback from users, the app has been optimized numerous times, making it continuously more user-friendly, allowing us to integrate more helpful tools and personalized customization that leads to changing habits that last forever.”

In many ways, Reframe launched onto the market at the perfect time. The pandemic resulted in many coming face to face with their potential mortality, and held a microscope up to bad habits. Many opted to pursue self-improvement, while others doubled-down or started drinking as a result of the stress and uncertainty brought on by COVID-19. “Studies show that individuals increased their drinking during the pandemic, and many have continued to drink excessively even now. That said, excess drinking has always been an issue for many. We are happy that we can offer an app with evidence-based solutions that are proven to be effective. Understanding that excess drinking is a problem, we continuously ask ourselves how can we make our product truly engaging and make people love using it? We want people to look forward to logging in to do their daily exercise and engage with the app. That means we need to make the app “prophetic” and address the right problem at the right time, which is why we are constantly adding more solutions.”

All things considered, Reframe was aptly named, as it seeks to change the perspective on an issue that impacts millions around the world. By creating a platform that champions and promotes agency, self-reflection and independence, Reframe’s users take control of their own alcohol reduction in a way that is inherently rewarding, without external oversight from other individuals. The appeal speaks for itself.

So, where does Reframe go from here? Putting aside the continuous innovation and development – what are Vedant and Ziyi’s next steps? “We hope to translate the app to multiple languages to reach non-English speakers. We are expanding to different verticals, such as Reframe Mind, an evidence-based education program that helps you manage stress. With Reframe Mind, you will identify, control, and regulate your emotions using the power of behavioural psychology and neuroscience.”

Reframe’s success rate acts as a potent testament to the viability of its approach. On a landscape where it has thoroughly defined the parameters for success, Reframe has set the path for others to follow. In its role as pacesetter, it sets the bar high, with an ethos that revolves entirely around refinement. Development. Betterment, essentially. There can be no doubt that Reframe is a trusted entity in this space and trusted by hundreds of thousands of individuals – making its recognition as the Most Trust Alcohol Reduction App in the USA a no brainer. As the undisputed leader in this arena, it has an astonishingly bright future ahead of it.

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