Skin Hydration: Your Ticket to Healthier Skin


Whether combating dryness is your game and you’ve heard tell of hydration for years or you’ve got oily skin and the last thing you need is more moisture, it might be time to have a conversation about skin hydration. While you might not know this at first glance, skin hydration can serve everyone well, even those who might not think they need it. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, moisturizer, transepidermal water loss and hydrafacial are all words that should enter your vocabulary. Here’s exactly why skin hydration is your ticket to healthier, happier skin.


Your Skin Type

One of the biggest things people think about when skin hydration comes into play is skin classification — oily, dry, combination or normal. There’s a common misconception that those with dry skin need more moisture and those with oily skin need to soak up moisture. This can be confusing, especially for those with combination skin who are left a little clueless. In actuality, everyone needs moisture in their skin. While dryness requires nourishment, oily skin is actually caused by an overproduction of oil due to dryness. Skin types are nothing more than the way skin chooses to respond to the dehydration around it.


What Is Transepidermal Water Loss?

So, everyone’s skin is dehydrated and that’s why everyone needs moisture? Well, almost. The secret here is transepidermal water loss, the process of water passively evaporating through the skin and out into the world, effectively dehydrating your skin. This happens to almost everybody, and the solution is to simply find products and treatments that not only moisturize, but lock in moisture and continuously hydrate your skin.


Treatments You Can Do

When it comes to locking in moisture and reintroducing hydration to the face, there are intentional treatments that do exactly that, none better than the Hydrafacial. Using spiral design and ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid and growth factors, Hydrafacials lock in moisture and help to combat a variety of skin concerns from aging to sun damage. Standard facials can offer some of these benefits, too, so it’s all about going for what makes you the most comfortable.


The Importance of Moisturizing

No matter what skin type you are, you need to moisturize. However, what kind of moisturizer you use will vary depending on the specifics of your skin type. While those with oily skin might prefer to use a lighter gel moisturizer that doesn’t feel too greasy, thicker creams and balms might be the better choice for dry skin, or those who struggle with dryness. In addition to moisturizer itself, using products that are more hydrating and moisturizing can help to protect dry skin.


Skin Hydration is for Everyone

No matter who you are, moisture is no joke. From those with oily skin to those who struggle with dryness — and everybody in between — it’s important to keep that moisture in your skin and combat transepidermal water loss however possible. From products like moisturizers to treatments like facials, skin hydration can truly make a difference for so many skin concerns.

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