Absolute Aesthetics specialises in treating lumps, bumps and skin lesions, excessive sweating, and laser-based therapies together with medical skincare in order to bring its patients the best results possible by focusing on an area of expertise. We speak to its Director, Victoria Whiteley, to find out more after its recent recognition in the Global Excellence Awards 2023.

Our physical appearance changes throughout the years, whether it is marks that show up out of nowhere, expression lines that are enhanced with the years or the loss of hair due to age or pregnancy. Any of this as well as many more, are things people find themselves battling against which leads them to consider reaching out to experts to help them with their concerns.

Often people know of individuals that have had negative experiences when seeking help with procedures of all kinds and it means they are scared to reach out for help. This is why it is important to research into the aesthetic industry to find a trustworthy aesthetician to support and guide you towards a result that you will be happy with.

The Director and Founder, Victoria Whiteley, is passionate about medicine and aesthetic which led her to open her own clinic, Absolute Aesthetics. It was established in 2008 and has two clinics in the UK, one located in Central London and another in Guildford, Surrey.

Making changes that will positively impact your confidence and wellbeing is at the heart of what Absolute Aesthetics aims to do by using non-surgical and surgical procedures for hair, body, face, and skin. The procedures have “research and scienced based evidence to support their efficacy”, highlights Victoria.

The practitioners at Absolute Aesthetics specialise in treating lumps, bumps and skin lesions, excessive sweating and laser-based therapies together with medical skincare. Some of this are facial injectables, laser hair removal, body contouring, sculpting treatments and rejuvenation.

Absolute Aesthetics focuses in providing medical led treatment through working alongside the doctors at The Whitely clinic. This ensures that the procedures are delivered safely, through research, development and in cooperation with regulatory bodies. Victoria, tells us, “Our team drives high standards of clinical safety, training and care.”

Its team are highly qualified and skilled aesthetic therapists, nurses and doctors that are able to ensure “patients get the best care and advice”, says Victoria. The aesthetic world is constantly evolving from new techniques to new treatments, in order to stay up to date with the changes its “clinical team has access to training and professional development through our leading industry partners”, adds Victoria.

Victoria directly specialises in removing skin lesions using Electro Surgery which is a procedure that uses small incisions and few stitches, and it leaves little to no scar at all. She keeps herself updated with the development of the research on this procedure as research shows evidence on how effective it is to remove lesions, even as complex as a cyst and xanthelasma. This helps Victoria stay updated with new findings to incorporate them into her practice to be able to support a range of patients.

Absolute Aesthetics prides themselves in providing safe procedures to people of all ages, from 20 to 60 and above to provide the best procedure available to tackle their individual concerns. This gives her patients peace of mind of knowing that they have access to a variety of services if they wished.

“Look and feel good by the decade.”

Victoria has developed a well-known reputation and takes great part in voicing her knowledge within the industry. She writes regular articles to the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing (JOAN), sits for the editorial board of PMFA Magazine, and speaks nationally and internationally at aesthetic conferences.

An example of when others in the industry look to Victoria for guidance, is in relation to an interest of hers, the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. PRT therapy treats hair loss both in women and men as it activates the hair follicles stimulating them to grow again. Victoria’s results on using the procedure on her patients have shown that it is also able to improve the appearance of thinning hair and bold patches. The success of her results was recognised by one of the major suppliers to the aesthetics industry which led her to be invited to be first PRP therapy UK trainer.

Victoria’s ongoing success within the industry is also highlighted in her ability to direct a team to overcome obstacles and being able to adapt to unexpected circumstances. Absolute Aesthetics was impacted by Covid-190 forcing her to rethink many aspects of the business. The pandemic meant they couldn’t carry out their services, putting the business on hold, during this time “it gave us the chance to re-evaluate the business, our service offering and how we reach out to patients”, shares Victoria.

Seeing the positive in the negative, allowed them to move forward in a new way. Victoria explains, “Part of this included reviewing our treatments, costing and re focus on the areas we specialise and excel in, resulting in us being a much stronger streamlined business.”

Acknowledging the changes of the world and their continuous success in tackling its patients concerns has helped the clinic gain the trust of its patients which means that now, in 2023, the team at Absolute Aesthetics are able to expand and provide its clients with new treatments.

It comes to no surprise that Absolute Aesthetics has now been recognised in the Global Excellence Awards 2023 and they are holders of the title of the Most Trusted Medical Aesthetic Clinic 2023 – Southern England. We look forward to continuing to see its growth and development for many more years as they care and support its patients.

For business enquiries, contact Victoria Whiteley from Absolute Aesthetics on their website – www.absoluteaesthetics.co.uk