TheraNow Transforms Hands-On Care Through Remote Physical Therapy and Pain Management Solution

Remote Physiotherapy

Whether it’s isolation, job insecurity or general anxiety, the COVID-19 pandemic presents innumerable challenges to nearly everyone, especially those suffering from existing injuries and conditions before the outbreak. This is due to an increased risk of severe illness or death which, according to the CDC, those with pre-existing conditions are two to three times more likely to experience if the virus is contracted. For those living with these conditions and injuries, this brought a new and concerning reality into sharp focus; in addition to the challenges faced by everyone else in a pandemic, the very act of seeking and receiving in-person medical care now meant risking one’s life.

As such, many patients have begun deferring and avoiding medical care. According to the CDC, over 40 percent of adults in the United States reported avoiding healthcare services throughout the pandemic due to these concerns. The same study reported the rate of avoidance was higher among people with disabilities and people with two or more underlying conditions, presenting a clear need for remote and accessible healthcare solutions.

Recognizing this, many healthcare providers worked to blend technology and necessity together to birth a range of remote health technologies that provide primary care services, virtual therapy, psychiatry services, and even virtual dentistry services. Through these innovations, patients can seek and receive health advice from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Even types of care traditionally considered to be ‘hands on’ have emerged, giving patients safe avenues for physical therapy and pain management care from home. An organization offering exactly this is TheraNow.

At their core, TheraNow provides convenient and reliable online therapeutic services through board-certified physical therapists and health experts via video consultation. Their network of physical therapists and health experts work cohesively through the platform to develop customized care plans for patients while tracking outcomes in real time. Due to their tailored nature, TheraNow can help patients with home exercise, functional training, and chronic pain management plans.

The pandemic has exposed flaws in the existing healthcare system around effectively treating patients in a way that is tailored to their specific needs. TheraNow uses the convenience of telehealth technology to bring experts in the field of musculoskeletal disorders, pain management and rehabilitation directly to the patient. It’s a new paradigm in healthcare, and one that has been proven throughout TheraNow’s work with institutional clients and partners. Now, this form of safe pain relief is available for anyone, and it couldn’t come any sooner for patients confined to their homes suffering from pain.

According to the CDC, chronic pain affects an estimated 20.4 percent of adults in the United States, in which the only treatment options are physical therapy or medication. Unfortunately the latter option is proving to be disastrous, with 21 to 29 percent of those prescribed opioids for chronic pain management going on to grow a dependence or misuse them entirely. This makes the need for remote and accessible physical therapy services like TheraNow more cogent than ever.

Built on the premise of simplicity and accessibility, TheraNow enables patients to use the platform either through the website or an app on their smartphone or tablet. This means it can be accessed anywhere, at work, from home, or even while on vacation. Accessibility is taken a step further through their affordable pricing structure, with plans starting at $75 for their initial consultation session and additional treatment bundles which patients can purchase in packs of four or eight. Many insurance providers will also cover TheraNow, but the pricing is set so even those without insurance can access their essential pain management and other physical therapy services without significant financial barriers.  

This high level of accessibility blends convenience with care, meaning that while a patient has the convenience to book care outside of standard brick-and-mortar practice operating hours and from any location, they also receive a high level of dedicated care. In fact, through TheraNow, patients are paired with their own dedicated healthcare provider who will advise the patient throughout the course of their treatment, rather than switching out providers with each session. This allows the patient and provider to build a working relationship of consistency, trust and care to reap the best health outcomes possible.

While the pandemic has heavily affected those with pre-existing conditions and comorbidities, the rapid emergence of technologies enabling access to remote care has enabled these people to continue seeking care without risking significant illness or death. Even traditionally hands-on care, like physical therapy, has joined the revolution through platforms like TheraNow, enabling patients to take control of their health and the management of issues like chronic pain from the comfort and safety of their own homes.  

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