Vinyl Flooring or Carpet: The best allergy-free flooring

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Its that time of year. Hayfever season has just finished BUT allergy season is only just beginning for many people. When the cold weather arrives, people get driven inside, meaning dust starts to be collected. Is there any way you can stop this? Well, you can if you choose the right type of flooring to help you cope with your allergies. Carpet and vinyl flooring are the two most popular types of flooring in households, but which one collects less dust. If you have an allergy to dust mites, you’ll want to sit up and take notice of this article.


What is an allergy to dust mites and why should I care?

If you have an allergy you need to speak to a doctor immediately. Dust becomes a lot more prevalent in the winter because you are spending a lot more time inside. If you start to experience symptoms of an allergy, then it is potentially life-threatening. You can develop itchy skin, headaches and in the worst-case scenario, anaphylaxis shock.

To avoid these sorts of symptoms, you can do many things, including ensuring your home is fit for you. Think of it in the same way you would consider your movements if you had an allergy or intolerance to pets. Getting the right flooring down which does not build up dust mites will go a long way to help you. Not only do you want flooring which does not collect dust, you also want it to be easy to clean. Dust mites and pet hair can sometimes get caught in carpet but is easier to catch in vinyl flooring. You can simply wipe up the dust with a wet wipe or run the hoover over it. It’s also easier to spot.

Interestingly, it is well known that dust mites absolutely love soft furnishings, including bedding, sofas and more importantly, carpet. As it is winter, people tend to warm up their homes, something which a dust mite loves. Your carpet and the central heating combined is a dust mite’s dream so if you have a dust mite allergy, it is certainly considered you avoid carpet. Affordable vinyl flooring is easy to clean and works well in avoiding dust. You can wipe it clean and hoover it up in a similar way to skirting boards. So, if you were debating which way to lean on the best type of flooring for allergies, a vinyl floor should be where you are looking.


How can you get rid of dust mites?

If you are either a homeowner or a tenant, you will know that you can never ‘beat’ dust mites. Dust naturally occurs even if you clean every day. You have to do the dusting quite a bit and floors like carpet are an absolute minefield. This is why vinyl flooring would be recommended if you have a dust allergy. It won’t get stop dust mites, but it is certainly easier to get rid of them.

Choosing the right type of environment does help to minimise your exposure to any potential allergens. Food intolerances and allergies are easy to avoid because you don’t HAVE to eat anything. However, as mentioned, an allergy to dust is something which is pretty hard to avoid. It’s not just the flooring though, which is why many companies have done everything they can to help those out who are suffering from an allergy.


If they are settled in your bedding

Dust mites will settle in your bedding. You can’t have vinyl bedding, or if you did, it would be very uncomfortable. What you can do, is purchase allergen proof covers for your mattress however, as well as regularly change and WASH your bedding. Think of it like this, every time you hoover the stairs or hallway carpets, you should also change your bedding. This may come across as time consuming, but it is far better than experiencing symptoms of intolerances or allergies.


If you need to clean your flooring

As pointed out by many flooring companies which you can but your flooring direct from, swapping a dusty carpet out for stylish and affordable vinyl flooring is the recommended plan of action. This is one of the major inconveniences of having an unavoidable allergy. Everybody wishes there was a drastic plan to get rid of dust but cleaning really is the only cure.


Vinyl Flooring or Carpet: The best allergy-free flooring

It’s a pretty conclusive answer on this front. If you have either an allergy to dust mites or pet hair, carpet would not be the ideal flooring. In the modern age you can buy flooring online from pretty much anywhere. Order some samples and make sure your flooring fits the style of your home. However, when it comes to allergies, always go substance over style with vinyl flooring, direct to your home.

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