What Happens To Your Body If You Only Eat Organic Food

Organic food

Do you value your health so much that you always want to only eat healthy foods?  When you try to keep a healthy eating habit, your typical food choices would be vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and whole grains. However, as you explore the market to buy your food supplies, you realize that there’s a wide range of food selections, and they look equally enticing. 

One of these choices should be organic foods as they’re safer and healthier. Most of these foods are even tastier than non-organic ones. Furthermore, enthusiasts have emphasized the impact of organic foods on the environment and animals. Although organic foods are often costly, their sales are continuously growing, thus, indicating the increasing demand of consumers for organic foods. 


Natural VS Organic Foods

Generally, most people think that natural foods automatically mean organic foods. However, these two categories are different from each other. Foods with the label ‘natural’ mean that they don’t consist of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. But, the term ’natural’ doesn’t refer to the materials or methods used to create or manufacture such foods. 


The Concept Of Organic Farming  

As for the term ‘organic,’ it refers to the method of cultivation used by farmers for agricultural products, like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, grains, and meat. You may visit Wholefoody.co.uk and other organic and vegan foods services if you want to easily order organic or vegan foods online.

This method of farming is meant to achieve the following: 

  • Reduce pollution 
  • Improve the quality of water and soil 
  • Facilitate natural livestock demeanor 
  • Secure safe and suitable habitats for the livestock 
  • Develop a profitable cycle of resources


Effects Of Organic Foods On Your Body

Now, when you consume organic foods, it can significantly affect both your emotional and mental health. Here are some of the benefits of organic foods to your body:


1. Improve Overall Health

One of the common effects of eating organic foods is making your overall health better. Since organic foods didn’t undergo a process that involves chemical fertilizers or pesticides, they don’t have any harmful chemicals that could potentially pose a danger to your health. 

With organic farming, the foods are naturally grown, involving crop rotation for disease and pest control. It also uses green manure to propagate the lands, developing healthier, safer, and more aromatic food products. 


2. Improve Cardiovascular Health 

Eating organic foods may also help with your cardiovascular health. The food you eat can also be a factor in developing cardiovascular disease, alongside other factors, like drug abuse, smoking, alcohol abuse, stress, and diabetes. 

Especially if you consume too much cholesterol, as well as oily and fatty foods, you may increase your chances of developing heart diseases. With these kinds of food, they can abnormalize the body system by blocking the arteries. The arteries shouldn’t be blocked because they serve as the passage of blood from the heart going to other body organs. 

You can help clear your arteries from fat by not consuming refined sugars and processed foods with preservatives, among others. You can also prevent cardiovascular diseases by choosing low-sodium foods and drinking water rather than energy drinks or soda. 

Furthermore, following a plant-based diet will help prevent fatal conditions caused by cardiovascular diseases. You should choose organically cultivated vegetables, fruits, seeds, and whole grains. These foods will help you achieve your nutritional requirement and, at the same time, keep you away from the aforementioned diseases. 

Additionally, grass-fed livestock contains a higher level of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which is a kind of fatty acid ideal for the heart. With CLA, you may improve the immune system, protect the heart, and prevent certain types of cancers. 


3. Make Your Body Pesticide-Free 

As mentioned, organic foods have minimal pesticides as organic farming doesn’t use synthetic pesticides. Instead, it uses naturally-obtained pesticides since they’re less toxic. Although some can also be dangerous to health, organic farmers know how much they should use to avoid such danger. 

Thus, you may lower health risks brought by hazardous pesticides if you choose to eat organic foods. On the other hand, the accumulation of pesticides in the body may lead to the development of several health problems, such as congenital disabilities, headaches, and added injury to drained immune systems. 

Some even think that pesticides, regardless of the dose, can increase one’s probability of developing certain kinds of cancer, such as lymphoma, leukemia, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and brain tumors.

If you’re pregnant or raising kids, you must know that fetuses and children are most susceptible to pesticide exposure. This is because their bodies, brains, and immune systems are still in the development process. When they’re too exposed to pesticides, it may trigger developmental delays, autism, motor dysfunction, behavioral disorders, and immune system damage.


4. More Substantial Immune System 

Not only are you lessening pesticides in your body, but you’re also making your immune system stronger. Organic foods contain a higher content of minerals and vitamins, which also help improve your immune system. 

As for processed foods and other non-organic foods that use genetic modifications, they weaken your immune system. Thus, you may want to reduce consuming genetically modified foods as they contain fewer minerals and vitamins. 


5. Develop Antibiotic Resistance

The excessive use of antibiotics in traditional livestock raising may be an essential contributor to antibiotic resistance. Thus, organic livestock or farming may solve such a problem because organically grown produce doesn’t use antibiotics.  

In traditional agriculture, people use antibiotics to address the problem of infections, as well as improve the growth and feeding habits of the animals. Organic livestock differs from conventional livestock since the federal organic regulations prohibit the use of antibiotics unless used for medical purposes. That’s because animal health is one of the principles of organic livestock.

If medically required, you must treat the sick animals in your organic farm and take them out from the herd. However, you may not offer the treated animals’ products to the market as organic. 

One of the results of consuming products with excessive antibiotics is making your body immune to antibiotics. Thus, your body may have difficulty defending itself from diseases. Moreover, it may not take effect when you take antibiotics because your body has already been immune with indirectly consuming antibiotics.



Everybody wants to enjoy life by enjoying delicious foods. However, it would be best if you don’t forget that you also have the responsibility to take care of your body. Thus, you must consume organic foods as they offer many benefits not only to your health, but also the environment. Although non-organic foods may seem palatable to you, organic foods may be more advantageous if you want to keep your body healthy.

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