Did you know that you interact with an API (Applications Programming Interface) or even many APIs in your day-to-day life? What is the first thing you do in the morning? Is it making an order for breakfast through your phone?

Do you take an online taxi to work and back every day? Or do you check the weather forecast for the day ahead to decide on your outfit? Well, you use an API for all these activities. It shows how they have become an essential part of our lives.

The healthcare industry has not been left behind in the adoption of APIs either. They (APIs) are playing an essential role in the transformation of the industry. But what are APIs, and why are they key to digital transformation in healthcare?

Understanding APIs

APIs can be defined as programming interfaces that dictate the communication and sharing of data between applications. They are opening up and transforming the healthcare industry in ways we have not seen before.

For instance, as a healthcare provider, you can share medical data easily using APIs. In addition, they allow you to securely transmit information across multiple geographies and systems.

However, you need an API management solution for your healthcare APIs to meet their obligations. Rapid Company is one of the leading API management solution service providers and can also be used to design, develop, test, and publish APIs.

Role of APIs in Healthcare Digital Transformation

Aids Analytics and Data Mining

As a healthcare provider, you understand how important it is to provide access to information and manage the access as well. This had been a challenge before but has now been changed by APIs.

Today, you can use different tools to provide authorization gateways, including but not limited to real-time and one-time permission. You can also control your healthcare data easily while at the same time remaining compliant with all set regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

Collaboration Has Become Easier

APIs are making collaboration between patients and all healthcare team members easier than before. Today, we have new streams for data sharing that are playing an important role in improving services through referrals and coordination.

In addition, APIs have given birth to amazing tools and devices that are improving the health of patients. For instance, look at the different types of medical wearables that we have today. These devices can monitor patients and share real-time data with healthcare providers.

Another example of APIs at work is telemedicine, one of the technologies set to transform healthcare. As a patient, you can gain access to healthcare providers without physically visiting them. All these technologies have been made possible by APIs.

Improved Access and Security

APIs are playing an important role in improving access to data and its security in the healthcare industry. A good example is the Federal Data Services Hub. Using APIs, this platform allows local and state agencies to securely share patient information.

As a healthcare provider, you might want to find out if a patient is eligible for various private and public programs. You might also want to gain access to their enrollment and verification data. You do not have to manually collect this data, something that can take you a lot of time.

Since the platform does not store data, it uses APIs that allow different agencies to share patient data in real time and securely. This makes it possible for healthcare providers to access any data they need and address the needs of their patients.

Personalizing Healthcare

A few years ago, a large number of patients were not happy with their healthcare experience. Most of them complained about complex access to healthcare, personal visits, and extended wait times.

However, the digital transformation brought by APIs is changing this. APIs have allowed innovators to create platforms driven by data and tailor them to meet the specific needs of patients. If a patient is suffering from a certain disease, for instance, they can get personalized care designed specifically for them and the disease.

APIs are Reshaping Healthcare

As you can see above, APIs are playing a crucial role in not only reshaping the healthcare industry but also transforming it digitally. Even though we have already seen a lot of changes, we expect to see more in the next couple of years.