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Although there has been a rise in the discussion of mental health and mental illness in recent years, there is still a stigma attached to this for many. Mental illness seems seldom understood, but those working hard to help deserve to be celebrated. Especially as they continue to save lives – one individual at a time. We learn more about Private Practitioner Leisha Townson as we spotlight her business, Boundless Counselling and Consultancy, this World Mental Health Day.

Most people experience some form of mental ill health over the course of their lifetime, however, there are people who experience the troughs more than the peaks. Enter Boundless Counselling and Consultancy – a hub for anyone who needs some extra help when it comes to keeping a healthy mind throughout their day to day lives.

Leisha Townson, Private Practitioner and Founder of Boundless Counselling and Consultancy, is an accredited mental health social worker, counsellor, and psychotherapist providing one of the most valuable services when it comes to people’s health. With over 34 years’ experience within the industry, Leisha is well-equipped to help with any situation whether that’s challenges through disability, crime, illness, accidental circumstances, or war.

With regards to Leisha’s areas of practice, she covers all aspects of counselling by attending to her clients’ needs no matter how big or small their challenges may be. When it comes to her consultancy services, Leisha is also qualified to train others in their journeys of becoming an accredited therapist. She mentors and teaches practicing therapists and thesis students so that they may succeed in their own mission.

This list of services reach an astonishing number of individuals in need of support, whether that’s helping them directly or training others to aid them. Leisha offers specialised expertise across a number of modalities which ultimately have the power to rejuvenate and recalibrate individuals and their mindsets. Leisha says, “We also provide a holistic approach, addressing emotional, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of our clients’ well-being. We pride ourselves on client-centred care.”

Leisha is fully qualified to provide counselling and consulting services in the areas of mindfulness, the effects of trauma, and helping others to find their own strength. Boundless Counselling and Consultancy has an unwavering reputation in the industry as Leisha and the team continue to teach people how to practice healthy coping methods – while also sharing their knowledge with other therapists, so that they may be successful in creating a positive butterfly effect around the globe.


”The courage it takes to come talk to a stranger still fills me with awe”


Leisha tells us more about how she looks out for her team, “My clear vision and a mission statement provides a sense of purpose and direction for my organisation. We also prioritise the well-being of our staff, because a happy and motivated team can provide excellent counselling service.” With a high level of respect and admiration for each member of her team, Leisha cultivates an environment of trust, care, and growth which inevitably improves working relationships and client experiences.

Always transparent with fees, insurance, and policies, Boundless Counselling and Consultancy continues to deliver an honest service to its many clients. Providing unrivalled trauma therapy, marriage counselling, family therapy, counselling for veterans, and so much more, Boundless Counselling and Consultancy can offer a helping hand for all of life’s challenges.

Leisha, and Boundless Counselling and Consultancy, was voted in the top 3 counselling services in Sunshine Coast for the last 5 years. She won 2022’s Innovation & Excellence and Rehabilitation Therapist of the Year Awards from CorporateLiveWire, and she’s been crowned with multiple awards from Global Health & Pharma, such as Best Counselling Therapy Practice 2022 as well as Most Supporting Trauma Counsellor, and GHP Patient Care Excellence Award for 2022 and 2023.

Of course, Leisha’s biggest achievements are her stellar results for clients and staff members of Boundless Counselling and Consultancy. She endeavours to create a world of ease and understanding for the future to come – so that no one has to feel alone.

As a bright future beckons, Leisha and the team uphold their commitment to excellent client service and work hard to introduce a new course which has already gained huge interest. It is with pride that we present Boundless Counselling and Consultancy’s achievements and offerings as the company continues to help others in their time of need.

Keep an eye on the Boundless website for future upcoming events, to learn more about how you can help others, or contact the team for help in improving your own mental state.

For business enquiries, contact Leisha Townson from Boundless Counselling and Consultancy on their website –

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