Mill Hill DP

When trusting someone with your dental needs it is important to go to a practice that cares. Mill Hill Dental Practice London (Mill Hill Dental) does that and more as on top of dental treatments it focuses on incorporating advice on physical, mental, social, spiritual, and intellectual wellbeing.

Considering that dentists work directly inside the mouth, there is a high chance that the patient could swallow or breathe in the material or chemicals that are being used to provide treatment. Mill Hill Dental is aware of these risks which is why it only uses the safest materials, and it is mercury free. For example, when restoring teeth, it opts for using ceramics to reduce the chances of chemical leakage.

Mill Hill Dental’s approach is with each patient’s wellbeing as priority, and it has teamed up with some incredible practitioners to be able to deliver great services across the practice. In relation to nutrition, wellness, and dental treatments, it provides effective results throughout. Mill Hill Dental has had over 20000 individuals reach out to seek its innovative services since Dr Maggie Andi introduced them in 2019.

Following the high demand for its services and the positive response from those who have tried them, Mill Hill Dental received the titles of Best Cosmetic Family Dental Practice-North London 2020, Best Holistic Dental Practice – North London in 2021 and Best Cosmetic Dental Practice-North London 2022. Some of the dental services that it offers are composite bonding, root canal treatment, implants, teeth whitening, check-ups, hygienist clean, enhanced gum care, and Invisalign offerings as well as extensive Children’s dental programmes including management of dental anxiety.

In addition, its team can help those that struggle with grinding their teeth and snoring. Often people don’t realise they do it until someone sleeps by their side and gets woken up by it. In terms of grinding your teeth at night, not getting this treated can lead to a variety of health problems as it can wear down the tooth’s surface and could even fracture it.

Mill Hill Dental helps its clients manage the cost of their preventive hygiene treatments by offering its own practice Denplan Plus membership plan from only £28.50 per month. This ensures that clients don’t have to compromise on their dental checks and cleans due to cost and gives them freedom of choice by making the treatments affordable. On top of the membership option, it offers family or group discounts on the monthly costs. These are a 5% discount for two people, a 10% discount for three people, and a 15% discount for four or more people joining the plan. 

Mil Hill Dental has many positive Google reviews with a score of 4.9 out of 5. Here is an example of the reviews left by clients, “AMAZING!! Always makes me feel really comfortable and at ease. Never feel rushed. Treats every appointment like the only one. 26 years of crooked teeth and she just transformed me in under an hour. No pain at all. Brilliant!!”

If you are interested in Mill Hill Dental’s services, head over to its website to book in a free online consultation to discuss your dental needs!

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